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Erebus is a concept for private smart contracts utilising zk-SNARK proofs of execution. Currently consists of high-level designs.


Goblin is a command-line extensible password manager with built in version control. It is built to be scriptable, prioritising a convenient front end, and a minimal "core" functionality.


A smart-card filesystem bruteforcing tool for PCSC compliant smart cards. Exhaustively finds all files on the smartcards filesystem, and extracts them.

BSc Project

A proof-of-concept implementation of an Ethereum soft-fork extension to utilise verifiable computation in contracts. The final year project for my BSc in Computer Science.

Minor Projects

Paper Notes

Notes on various research papers I've read during my PhD.


A small rust wrapper around libsnark, made to simplify the interface for SNARK generation for my personal use.

Abandoned Projects


A keyboard-driven webkit-based browser written in Go. Was abandoned due to webkit-gtk being only shakily supported, and better alternatives being available, such as qutebrowser.


A terminal-based password manager. Deprecated in favour of goblin.